About Us


"We serve real food for real people..."


Here at the Club Car Grille we have an atmosphere unlike anywhere else. It starts with our 1910 Pullman Club Car that sets off the front our building, and runs throughout the whole place. It's a place where you can bring all your friends & family to enjoy simple good old fashioned comfort foods from all over the U.S.  Our owners and staff take food seriously, and we like it just the way Grandma would have made it... 




The founders of the Club Car Grille are a local family from Plainwell, MI. Brian Carter and his mother Penny Spencer run the restaurant, and can usually be found there at any given time of the day. Penny and her husband Carl had a very successful greasy spoon north of Plainwell for years. That's where their son Brian started his passion for food, creating simple country style dishes that are aimed to please. As Brian would put it “ If you don’t leave here full, fat & happy, we didn’t do our jobs well enough.”

Between the two of them this Mother/Son duo has over 25 years of restaurant experience, and they have fun doing it too. 

So come on down and see why they have the best restaurant in the area….